Monday, September 10, 2012

Ariocarpus retusus var. furfuraceus

This species is seen as highly variable and this has led to many names. "furfuraceus" is no longer accepted as a variety by most, but these are grown from seed of plants thus identified.

Today has been an unfortunately eventful day. Our main means of transportation is a 1994 Ford Aerostar van. The van's alternator appears to have failed and so it goes to the car repair shop in the morning. At the same time, we have some plants being inspected for shipment to China. And so we'll be delivering plants to the post office in our trusty old, but in need of some work, orange 1964 VW bug. And, we have company arriving on Tuesday.  Help!!!!  :)


  1. Luther tienes unas maravillas de plantas, aunque no paso todos los días si veo las fotos anteriores, me encantan.
    Espero se solucionen los problemas, un abrazo.

  2. Good looking plant Luther, but your orange 1964 VW bug sounds great! Hope you had a tolerable Tuesday. :)