Saturday, September 1, 2012

Avonia quinaria var. alstonii

These wonderful small succulents are impressive, even at a young age, but as they get older, they produce a caudex which makes the plants even more impressive. For small plants, they surely can steal the show. Check out these additional photos from our nursery list.
Enjoy your plants!


  1. Ahh lovely!! Aren't they just strange! :)

  2. Nice photos! Closeups do this little plant so much justice! I love the "crassula-like" leaves and contrasting orchid/yellow flowers. Mine are in bloom too! The plant in your first photo, top right. Is that the same species? Leaves look much shorter.

  3. Hola Luther esta pequeña avonia me a impresionado mucho, es muy bella no la conocía y si pudiera me hubiese gustado tenerla, es una maravilla.
    Espero que estés bien , gracias por tus oraciones, un abrazo.

  4. Hello, I really liked this Avonia here in Mexico I've never seen, only then, Imaging, someday I hope to get this issue =) ...