Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ferocactus crest

This crest came to us unnamed, but we can be fairly certain it's a Ferocactus - just don't know which one. If you look closely you can see the spiders have been busy this summer, doing their part in the environment. We don't have any really dangerous spiders here. The Black Widow spider is very rare - with most of my life lived here I've only seen one west of the Cascade mountains. And the Brown Recluse, if it's around at all, is just that: reclusive. Mostly it's the common garden spider. And those are common.

As we take these back into the greenhouses they get sprayed with a good blast of water to get rid of all the webbing and then they'll get some pre-winter systemic insecticide. After that...let's get it over with...Winter, that is!


  1. Yes, I've seen this one as well....but better, it's crested. I don't know why but I love the ones that have really unique shape. As for winter, I say bring it on!!:) These hot temps can go away:)

  2. I share your love of uniquely shaped plants, and though fairly common, this one has the advantage of having easy care. As for Winter, a lot depends on location. Very different than Tucson, here in Portland we barely got any heat this summer, not getting into the 80s until late August. And now, with Winter on the way, we have to spend a lot of money for fuel to heat the greenhouses. Hopefully we'll have a mild winter, not one that dwells down in the 20s for long periods of time.
    As always, thanks for you comment.

  3. Precioso este ferocactus acristatado no se cual es la razón que cambian su forma, me encanta el color de sus espinas, yo también tengo un ferocactus pero asta este momento nunca a florecido, saludos y gracias por tu mensaje