Friday, October 7, 2011

Cactus crest

OK. I've got the name of this crest outside on the deck. It's midnight and I'm ready to get some shut eye, so the name will have to wait. We have the normal and it tends to throw crests fairly often.
Our weather's definitely Fall like, about 10 degrees (F) below what it should be at this time. Oh well.


  1. Es muy bonita se parece a una que tengo solo que no es lanuda, este que muestras ¿sera pariente de las espostoas?. saludos.

  2. Hi Marisol,
    Greetings. I got so busy today I forgot to check the name. It's not an Espostoa, though it certainly has that appearance. I'll try to get the name tomorrow.

  3. I finally checked. It a Cleistocactus crest, possibly of Cleistocactus tupizensis, but of that I'm not certain.