Monday, October 24, 2011

Haworthia magnifica var. splendens GM452 and JDV93-59

These are a couple of haworthias, both the same species, Haworthia magnifica var. splendens. Both are seed grown, but with seed from different locations. The first is GM452...
and the second is JDV93-59.
They are quite distinctly different plants, as you can see, and both have there own distinctive attractiveness.


  1. Hola Lutero las haworthias están muy bonitas y claramente se notan que son dos especies diferentes, tengo una sola variedad de estas, las fotos buenísimas, un abrazo.

  2. Actually, Marisol, they're both the same species, just from two different locations in near Albertinia in South Africa. The second one looks like several other species and could be mistaken for such.
    Hope all is well. Peace.