Monday, March 22, 2010

Mammillaria saboae

Been a bit busy and haven't gotten much posted lately, but today I was wandering through one of the greenhouses, checking out what's happening, and I noticed that Mammillaria saboae is setting blooms. In another few days I'll have some flowers for you, but for now it's just buds...
I'll try to get more posting done in the next couple of weeks before we head out on our trip to New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California. We plant on visiting at least 13 or 14 succulent nurseries along the way as well as visiting a dear friend in Los Lunas, New Mexico, horseback riding with a friend near Phoenix, revisiting some great habitat, and enjoying a cafe latte overlooking the Pacific Ocean. And of course we'll have our two dogs along with us! Now all we have to do is stay healthy. Last year we had to cut our trip short as we both got sick along the way!  :(

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