Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Greenhouse Tour II

Part 2 of the greenhouse tour. This is obviously an area mostly dedicated to haworthias - with a few other things thrown in...


  1. it must be an amazing place to spend time. i'd sure would spend all my free time in a greenhouse if i had one, not only working, but just watching plants grow :)
    the haworthias look like they don't mind that many neighbors~

  2. Once in a while we *do take a break and have an Irish coffee in the greenhouse in front of the greenhouse heater (which has a fire view glass door). But - most of the time - is consumed with work. But even some of that is enjoyable, or we wouldn't be into this!

  3. And, hey Rika, Lynn-Marie says to let you know you're more than welcome to drop by on your way back to Germany - or any other time for that matter - to help water plants and watch them grow :)- - - - as well as enjoy plant conversation in front of the fire. Just a little detour on the way home.

  4. you both are so kind! as much as i'd love to it would be very difficult. but it sounds fantastic :) THANK YOU
    ah one day.. one day