Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Talk about the Weather

The weather took a turn to the strange here today. A bit of a cold front entered the area - the kind which, during mid-winter would bring arctic cold - and tonight's temp may get down to a light freeze. In the afternoon a brief little storm brought some sleet and light snow along with localized, very high winds...enough to cause the top of our backyard cedar tree to snap and break off. It could have caused a bit of damage if it had fallen the wrong way, but as it is it's resting on the top of our rather large variegated English Holly tree. Another job for this summer that I wasn't planning on.

Yesterday the weather was so nice I was considering getting out the rototiller in the garden area - key word: "considered" - and planted an Agave 'Green Goblet' into our curbing strip next to the street. The chill is expected to last a couple of days.

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