Friday, March 26, 2010

X Pachyveria 'Claire'

Since we're on the subject of intergeneric hybrids, this is also one of my favorites: X Pachyveria 'Claire'.
I really like this plant.


  1. Hi Luther I am admin of your webpage karacactus.
    I know you have great collection especially Echeverias and Haworthias.I havent this kind yet but this is very lovely.
    I am working on inter-generic succulents with my friends from ICN too.
    I am living near mediterranean seaside and especailly Grapto and pachyphytum kinds are very hardy for Mersin city's climate.Summertime (July and August)is very hot and high humidity in here.
    I will upload xPacheveria "Calypso" picture and others today too.

  2. Hi Meryem,
    Thanks for your comments. I check out regularly and find it very helpful. I checked out the 'Calypso' pictures and am very impressed with the flowers. Hopefully we can find a source in California while traveling there next month. However most nurseries are very limited in what they have and if they have anything, it's been bought up by the Koreans - who are also our regular customers.

    Mersin sounds like it would be an interesting place to live - and to visit, but a place where you'd want to head to the mountains in late summer. Sort of like the Sonoran Dessert in August - 120 F and periodic monsoons - though it doesn't look like you get to those temps. Here, our average highs for August are at most 80F and our summers are very dry.

    Thanks again for your comments.