Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Echeveria 'A Grimm One'

I'm sure I've posted about Echeveria 'A Grimm One' before, but they're looking so good right now that I just couldn't resist posting again. Named for its creator, Mr. Grimm, this is an outstanding cultivar. It's easy to grow, flowers readily, and is compact and sculptural. What's there not to like? (My apologies. I see I posted some of the same photos last month. I did take some new photos today, but they're still on the other computer.)
The weather here has been delightful. The trees are growing new leaves, the magnolias are covered in flowers, the hostas are pushing up through the soil and the smell of Spring is in the air. I even got some work done on a new raised bed (which will be home for some new strawberry plants). And then there's the greenhouses...:)


  1. Hello,,,

    This echeveria looks like a Grapto cultivar with the shape of foliage and with its yellow flower color. This is also very nice one. And you describe amazing spring weather that comes here its smell.
    My best wishes
    Zeynep (frm Turkey)

  2. Thanks for calling attention to my error. Indeed it is a Grapto cultivar, X Graptoveria to be precise. Enjoyed reading your blog.