Monday, July 30, 2012

Turbinocarpus schmiedickeanus ssp. schwarzii crest

This compact little crested and monstrose plant is Tubinocarpus schmiedickeanus ssp schwarzii. That's a mouthful! Another of those plants grafted by Lazlo many years ago. (Update, December 19: As has been pointed out, first by Lynn-Marie and then by a reader, this is a Copiapoa crest, likely Copiapoa tennuissima. My apologies for the error.)
Tomorrow, back by popular demand, a lithops or two...


  1. Extremely beautiful plant and flower. Looking forward to the Lithops! :-)

  2. Hi, very nice foto, but it's not Turbinicarpus, but some Copiapoa, probabely C. tenuissima.

  3. Yes, Tom; Lynn-Marie called my attention to that right ofter it was posted. Lazily, I just used the name on the label that Lazlo had supplied (from the now defunct Desert Nursery of Deming, New Mexico). I knew better. We agree; it's likely C. tenuissima.