Thursday, July 19, 2012

Melocactus matanzanus

The plants of the genus Melocactus can be a bit of a challenge to grow, especially in our climatic conditions. But this one actually works well on a windowsill. The cephalium alone is worth growing these plants.


  1. Waaaah, I was trying to win the auction with this cactus yesterday and I didn't succeed. It's such a pity... But at least I became a happy owner of Pachypodium eburneum, Avonia alstoni and Avonia mallei :)

  2. Quite an amazing looking cactus with wonderful floral display. Great photo too!

  3. it's not monotypic at all!

    1. No, it's certainly not. And I don't know how that got in there as I would never even think it to be. My guess is that it got accidentally cut and pasted from the Cintia post. Thanks for catching that.