Monday, August 13, 2012

Eriosyce heinrichiana var. setosiflora

I think it's time to post something other than the Echeverias. The name is longer than the plant flower, and it's a large flower for the size of the plant. (For some, the name becomes Eriosyce heinrichiana ssp intermedia var. setosiflora!) Nice plant. Horrible name! I thought the whole point of the binomial system was to get rid of  unwieldy names like this. (Just my frustration showing through...)
Enjoy your plants!


  1. Hola Luther, esta muy hermoso y si su nombre es complicado, espero que estés muy bien, un abrazo.

    1. Hi Mirisol,
      Yes, I'm well...but way too busy. Hope to have a bit of a break soon. Be well! Peace.

  2. Wonderful colour on this plant & flower.

  3. Nice cactus, and bloom. Wow, that is an impressively long name. :)