Thursday, August 23, 2012

OCSS Picnic and Open House

Tonight, just a reminder for those in the Portland area that we will be holding our Open House and Annual Picnic at our place on Sunday afternoon. You don' have to be a member of the cactus & succulent society to attend and we'll be open from 2 pm on, with the picnic beginning around 4:00. The meat dish will be provided by the society and the rest of the picnic is potluck. Please bring a dish to share.

The starter went out on the van today when I was away from the nursery, so I was unable to work on getting things ready for most of the afternoon while I waited for the starter to be replaced. And on Friday, we're going to the Oregon State Fair. So please forgive if everything isn't "spick and span." [For those translating from English: neat and tidy, all cleaned up.]

Hope to see some of you there. Ladybug will be here to great you.


  1. Wish I could be there, just to meet Ladybug. Hope you have a great day! :)

    1. Yes, a wee bit too far to come! I'll have Ladybug give you an extra loud whinny.
      This has been a very strange summer. We had a couple of really nice warm weeks and a couple of very hot days, but now we're back to Fall like weather, temperatures in the low to mid 70s F (22-24 C) with overcast mornings.

  2. Hola luther que hermosa actividad de haber estado allá me hubiese encantado participar.
    Aquí a poco de celebrar las fiestas patrias y la llegada de la primavera que ya se acerca, es una época que me encanta, a pesar de que estoy un poco triste y preocupada por la salud del padre de mi hija que ya paso un año de que se hizo la braquioterapia contra el cáncer de próstata, hace poco se realizo un examen y le salio malo, pues los antigenos aumentaron, en cuatro meses mas tiene que hacerse de nuevo el examen, Dios quiera que salga bueno.
    Vi las fotos de los otros cactus que subiste y están hermosos. un abrazo.

    1. Hi Marisol,
      I'm very sorry to hear about the bad medical results. We will keep all of you in our prayers.
      God bless.