Sunday, August 5, 2012

Three cactus flowers

Three closeup photos tonight of the flowers of three different cacti: Rebutia narvaecense, Rebutia krainziana and Mammillaria zeilmanniana.
The rest of the country has been sweltering under recording breaking temperatures for over a month, while we've been cooler (and drier) than normal. Yesterday broke that string, breaking the record high for the day with a temperature of 103F. It cooled into the 90s F today, and should be in the 80s for the rest of the week. Whew!


  1. Great flowers and photos. Looks like perfect cacti flower blooming weather. :-)

  2. Beautiful! Hard to beat a Rebutia in flower!

    Hard to believe such high temps in Oregon. We are still waiting for "hot" down here in So Cal.

    1. Actually, in a normal year we will get a couple of days over 100. The hot didn't last long. We just have to go through a lot of grey to get there. We're now in the 70s and 80s, mid 80s being average for this time of year.
      And yes, Rebutias are the gift that keeps on giving, making the liar of those who have the strange idea that cacti flower once and then it's all over.

  3. Me encantan las rebutias, están divinas. un abrazo.

  4. "Splendid arrangement ! Can you tell me a little more about the foliage which you used ?"