Saturday, August 4, 2012

Documentary Film with Dr. Audrey Low

One of the early "followers" of this blog was Dr. Audrey Low. I don't know if she even visits it any more but a new documentary, featuring her (and, of course, the sun bears), is now available to download. It can be either rented or purchased and the price is very reasonable. It's about the sun bears of Borneo; I've only seen small clips, but I know already that it will be worth the purchase. Check it out at the Wildhoop Productions website.


  1. Hi Luther, I'm following still!!! Thank you so much for posting this! Very much appreciated. My attention has been on promoting the film, but I do hope to get back to some art work and photography soon. And this film was made together with Howard Jackson who directed, filmed, and edited the film. Thanks, Audrey!

  2. Hi Audrey. Good to hear from you. I was pleased to post it and I certainly didn't mean to slight Mr. Jackson. It sounds very interesting and I'll be downloading it soon. I understand that this was a long process and that it was accomplished on a limited budget. Congratulations!
    Glad to hear that you still check back once in a while. Thank *you! Luther

  3. Hi Luther, Thank you! Yes, it has been a long and adventurous journey. We certainly learned a lot from the process. Thank you so much for your support and for following the progress. Hope you enjoy the film! Cheers, Audrey