Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jade Plant

Recently a person I was talking to referred to these as "just another Jade". Not long after that someone else told me that the Jade was his favorite succulent plant.
It's true, almost everyone has grown a Jade or at least seen many of them, sometimes pretty "ratty" ones. Occasionally someone tells me that they can't keep one alive when killing one is really pretty difficult; they either over watered it or let it get too cold.
Where we are, Jades are a house plant and can't be used in landscaping. But nicely grown, the humble Jade plant can be an excellent and easy succulent accent plant.


  1. As far a I know the Jade Plant comes form South Africa. Here we call it a "Spekboom" which in Afrikaans means Bacon tree. Maybe because it is an editable plant?

  2. Hi Tina,
    Yes, It's from South Africa. As to whether it's edible, I don't know. Perhaps you could do a little research on that. I will try to find out.

  3. Yes, Lynn-Marie reminded me of an earlier story which pointed out that it's edible. However, having had the experience of eating something that was reportedly edible once before, only to get sick afterword, I don't make recommendations regarding the ingestion of any plant!

  4. Recently I've been really appreciating jades too--I think I had stopped noticing how beautiful they are because they are so common. I have friends that have a 20 year old jade in a beautifully aged terra cotta pot and it is very well pruned and cared for. A real stunner!