Sunday, June 24, 2012

Echeveria 'Christmas'

These are from leaf cuttings taken three years ago. They're not ready to sell yet but are certainly ready to show off.
Today turned out to be a pretty nice day. I wasn't feeling the best earlier on but felt better as the day went along. And today was Portland Parkways in north Portland,  a time when a network of streets is closed to all motorized traffic and thousands of people, walking, biking, skating, etc. take to the streets. Our street was part of the network today and, other than a few bikers who felt a need to blast noise from their radios, it was beautifully quiet and pleasant. Of course, when we took Ladybug out for a bit, that drew a small crowd.

1 comment:

  1. The Echeveria 'Christmas' looks lovely, and the colours are just perfect! Glad to know you had a pretty nice day at the Portland Parkways, albiet a patchy start. Ladybug is just beautiful, as you may know yourself and probably have heard from so many people. :-)