Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Golden Butterfly Lobivia

For years we've had a plant which was labeled Lobivia 'Easter Bonnet'. Lynn-Marie crossed two of these plants and got these flowers, and the plants are smaller than the Easter Bonnet parents. They were seeded in 1997 and she calls them 'Golden Butterfly'.
While the rest of the country is sweltering under unbearable heat, we're having a couple of days of warmer weather, getting up into the lower 80s F. I don't know if we can take it that hot! :)


  1. You did great job to open a blog page like this. I just want to ask a question to you about my cactuses.
    Can you say to me what kinds of cactuses Do I have? photos below...

    thanks for helping me...

    1. Pictures 1 and 7 are not cacti but Aloes. Number 2 is a Mammillaria, and Number 5 is a Notocactus (syn. Parodia). I won't venture a guess as to species. With more time I could give you names of the other cacti, but I'll let someone else give it a go.

  2. The yellow color is beautiful, very rich looking. A standing ovation for Lynn-Marie.........