Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aloe 'Brass Hat'

This is an excellent Aloe for growing in small containers...and with bright sun, it becomes more bronze. You can tell from the photo that we haven't had our "bright sun" season yet. We're still waiting.
'Brass Hat' isn't one of those new introductions which are all the rage; many of them are outstanding and we grow them as well. It is sometimes listed as an Ed Hummel hybrid (grower and creator of many hybrids in the 1960s; Hummel's Exotic Gardens, Carlsbad, California) who created and multiplied many succulent hybrids the old fashioned way. However, it's actually a hybrid created another well known hybridizer, John Bleck. We even know it's heritage: (Aloe haworthioides x Aloe bakeri) X ((Aloe descoingsii x Aloe calcairophila (basically Aloe 'Pepe') X again to Aloe bakeri). There, all you ever wanted to know. Any way, we have just recently added it to our collection and will be adding it to our sales list soon.

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