Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rebutia muscula

You can't really go wrong with this dandy little plant. It's soft "fuzzy" spines and bright orange flowers are outstanding. And that myth about cacti flowering just once and that's it...well, that is just a myth. Some are more like that, but not this plant.
Enjoy your plants!


  1. Las rebutias son de mis favoritas por la variedad que hay y por que son muy buenas para florecer.
    saludos y gracias por tus palabras.

  2. Hi Luther, I have one of these cacti, it was given to me by my father as an offshoot from an original about 30 years ago, although the original plant is no more, my baby is huge and for the first time ever has one flower on, i remember the original plant being smothered in beautiful orange flowers all summer, I'm so glad I found your blog and now know the name of my cactus.
    Thanks from one very happy English lady :-)