Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Aloe aristata

In my opinion, this is one beautiful plant, what with the striking markings and wonderful form. When it's not flowering, it's often confused with haworthias, but once it flowers, there's no mistaking it any more.
Enjoy your plants!


  1. Lutero tengo una muy parecida a esta así que me quedo con la duda de que es si haworthia o aloe aristata.
    Espero que estés totalmente repuesto. Quiero darte las gracias por las oraciones, fue operado y hasta el momento va todo bien. Un saludo grande para ti.

  2. Hi Marisol,
    When it flowers it'll be obvious. But it's probably the Aloe.
    I am very pleased that the surgery appears to have gone well. You'll continue in my prayers.

  3. Thanks, I thought, and put this plant in with my Gasterias! It seems happy there, maybe because there are some Gasteraloes in the same grouping. The bumps are the reason it got lumped with the Gasterias.