Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When you got no roots...flower anyway!

Steve Hammer, in his article in Haworthia Update, says it's helpful to him to say that his job is primarily to grow roots. And I've often expressed the same thing. But then...
This plant came to us with some problems: mealy bugs and some beginning rot. So out comes that sharp sterile blade and off goes the bottom of the plant. After letting it callus over, it's been sitting in the rooting tray. It hasn't had enough time yet to form roots, but - hey - why wait? You don't have to have roots to flower...and you can take that personally!


  1. I have E. rigidissimus sp. rubispinus and try to do everything right and do you think I can get it to bloom? NO! Maybe I need to cut off the roots and set it in a rooting tray! Can you tell I'm jealous!

  2. I don't know...Maybe it's too hot!!!;)
    Up here it's not been one of our better summers for cacti...too freakin' cold at night (mid 50s tonight..but who's complaining. It'll be in the comfortable 70s tomorrow).

    Actually, the cool nights might help the flowering.