Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer at the Nursery

I was reading Rosan's blog yesterday and she was commenting on the strange weather in Brazil. We've had our share of weird weather as well: a very long and cool spring with record rainfall in June and a July which is having a very hard time getting the coastal clouds cleared out before 2 in the afternoon.
That doesn't stop the greenery from taking over. The weed whacker gets plenty of use! This first image is one of the entrances into the nursery area with the Kiwi vine taking over.
The second view is of our deck and pond...our private sanctuary of sorts.
I'll be continuing spraying the plants in the greenhouses tomorrow as I hope to get it all done before our second hot spell of the season arrives, with the 90's F predicted for this weekend.
Whatever the weather,
enjoy your plants!

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