Sunday, July 11, 2010

Epiphyllum oxypetalum

Last year we had two flowers at the same time on this plant. This year it's three. And we're still like little children when it blooms. No matter how tired we are, we have to go out and check it out and take a whiff of that wonderful aroma.

Known in popular culture as "Dutchman's Pipe" or "Night Blooming Cereus" (along with a few other cactus plants), it's a dependable bloomer every year. But of course it's just for one glorious night.


  1. Great pics and post. I plan to drive the six miles to that cactus place in Alamo, TX to see what they have in night or day bloomers.

  2. Thanks Rene, and welcome to my humble blog. Good luck in finding the plants in Alamo.

  3. Oh, love these, my favorites! I have about five of them. Woke up to nine flowers the other morning! (Great Blog! I'm now a follower!)

  4. Luther,
    Hey there! I live in Portland, Oregon and am looking for a night blooming cereus. Any suggestions on where to buy or find a cutting to propagate? I am delighted to know they can survive here and would love any pointers.

    1. They need protection during the winter, of course. They can't survive our winters outdoors. Right now I don't know of any shops which have any available locally. Sorry.