Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lithops Labyrinth

Lynn-Marie put together this little planter for the show. She calls it Lithops Labyrinth.


  1. what a lovely idea! especially with the albinicas (?) it looks so vivid and fresh. thanks for showing the picture :)

  2. hello
    was really beautiful, this vase with the maze of Lithops, I only have one then I can do this for a while, but the idea is released.
    very good.


  3. How beautiful! Did she sell it??? WOW! I Love all the colors in it!!!

  4. You have it right, Rika. Most of them are albinicas. Also L. lesliei venteri and I think a L. karasmontana. And thanks to all of you for your kind comments. It did get a lot of comments at the show and sale, but - no - it didn't sell. But then again, we weren't just going to *give it away!
    And welcome to the blog, Julie.