Thursday, December 6, 2012

Aloe 'Pink Blush'

'Pink Blush' is understandably one of the most popular of the Kelly Griffin hybrids. Quite easy to grow and get to flourish, it just keeps getting more and more impressive as it ages.


  1. Hola que hermosa esta, me encanta.
    Espero que estés muy bien, saludos.

  2. We're fine; just needing a little rest from the nursery so we're closed for the winter. Hopefully, we'll have a little time to get to the coast for a couple of days before the final rush to Christmas. My best to you all. Peace.

  3. Oh hi Luther.....i just emailed you guys about an order! No rush....whenever you get the nursery open again! Sure love this stunning aloe!!!!

    1. Hi Julie. Yes, we got your email. thanks for giving us some wriggle room. Luther

  4. That Pink Blush is a beauty....might have to add one to the collection.

  5. I have a small one of these, it was just called "Aloe". Now I know its lineage, thank you, it's a beauty!