Friday, December 28, 2012

Astrophytum ornatum fa. mirbelii

No longer accepted by most as a separate variety, it nevertheless is one of the most beautiful forms of A. ornatum, with its heavy white flecking and yellow spines. It can take a fair amount of cold (-10C) if dry during the dormant winter season. The form name is often misspelled as mirabellii, but it derives from the very old description Echinocactus mirbelii (Astrophytum ornatum v. mirbelii) LEMAIRE, CH. (1838).


  1. Feliz Año Nuevo, que tengas una vida plena, llena de alegrías, de amor y paz.
    Te desea sinceramente.

    1. Thanks Marisol,
      And I send to you and your family the very best of wishes for a blessed New Year filled with hope, love and happiness. Peace to you all.