Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hatiora salicornioides

A great hanging basket cactus, Hatiora salicornioides, AKA "Drunkard's Dream", is easy to grow and flowers dependably. A jungle cactus, it needs more water than desert cacti, but nevertheless likes good drainage.

The horrible events which unfolded at Clackamas Town Center here in Oregon yesterday (about 19 miles from us, across metropolitan Portland) have caught the attention of some of the news media. It's hard to understand these kinds of things, but our prayers are with the families of the dead and with the 15 year old girl recovering from gunshot wounds at Oregon Health and Science University Hospital. A friend of ours works at Barnes and Noble and helped get some of the customers to safety. The police did a commendable job (they were on the scene in less than two minutes) and many people stepped forward to help people get to safety.


  1. Hola luther hermosa la atiora.
    Quiero darte mis condolencias por tan penoso incidente que enluta a todo un paĆ­s.
    Espero que tengas una Feliz Navidad junto a tu familia, un abrazo fuerte.

  2. Thanks Marisol,
    We will indeed have a wonderful Christmas. Our granddaughter, 13 years old, is coming from Fresno, California for Christmas and New Year. In the meantime we are fighting bad colds. We wish you and your family the very best that Christmas has to offer and a blessed and peaceful new year.