Saturday, May 21, 2011

A visit to Solana Succulents

One of the places we always try to visit when we're in Southern California is Solana Succulents. It's hard to believe that Jeff is able to get so many fascinating plants in such a small space. Jeff Moore (third photo) is the owner and I certainly recommend a visit to his nursery if you're in the area.
Finally, if you can help us identify this plant. It certainly looks like an Opuntia or certainly of the Opuntiad family, but I'm not familiar with one that has this particular hairiness. And if it has glochids, they certainly aren't a bother. I just handle it with my bare hands with no problem. Jeff hadn't been able to I.D. it and we're not doing much better. Help!
Enjoy your plants!


  1. Lutero hermoso todo, pero lo que mas me llama la atención es la ultima foto, nunca había visto algo parecido, gracias por compartir,
    un abrazo Marisol.

  2. Yo tengo uno como el de la ultima foto.. muy común en México

  3. Thanks Fabian.
    If you know the botanical name of the plant please let us know. If you don't know the botanical name, a common name may be better than nothing. Or better yet, a good clear photo. I haven't been able to find it in either Britton & Rose ("The Cactaceae") or Anderson's "The Cactus Family", especially with the apparent lack of glochids or with glochids which are insignificant. I know of a few plants in the Opuntioideae subfamily which have hair-like spines, but none of the ones we are familiar with are such that we would want to pick them up with our bare hands. Any information would be very helpful.

    Gracias Fabian. Si sabe que el nombre botánico de la planta sepa por favor. Si usted no sabe el nombre botánico, un nombre común puede ser mejor que nada. O mejor todavía, una foto clara buena. Yo no he podido encontrarlo en ni Britton & Rosa ("El Cactaceae") o Anderson "La Familia de Cactus", especialmente con la falta aparente de glochids o con glochids que son insignificantes. Sé de unas pocas plantas en la subfamilia de Opuntioideae que tiene espinas dorsales parecidas a pelo, pero ninguno de los que conocemos es tanto que los queramos recoger con las manos descubiertas. Cualquier información sería muy útil.