Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Convention of Echeverias

OK. Not really a "convention". Just a gathering on our deck. They've now been moved to allow us room to enjoy the deck...when it's not raining!
We've had to cove the pond to the left with netting to protect the fish from a very interested Great Blue Heron which has been visiting our yard on a very regular basis. I think they must have a rookery just over the hill from us and we must look like an easy food source.It hasn't been back for a few days, so maybe... We also haven't been able to get a good photo so I'm including one from another source. Since they don't mind nesting within a short distance of the downtown core of Portland, they're the official city bird!
great-blue-heron_3Image by mikebaird via Flick


  1. muy bella las echeverias, parece un sembradío, y espero que la garza se olvide de tus pececillos , a mi me parece que son hermosas las fotos,
    saludos Marisol.

  2. Thanks Marisol,
    The heron hasn't been around for about 5 days now. With any luck it's found more fish elsewhere. So far, he's only caught one of our gold fish.