Thursday, May 19, 2011

Under foot in the desert

As I said last night, we just returned from a week and a half in the Southwestern United States- specifically Arizona and California. We didn't spend much time in Arizona - that's a whole other story - and I'm not sure where Lynn-Marie took these photos...probably somewhere near the Anzo-Borrego Desert State Park in Southern California.

We exited the I-8 freeway at Ocotillo, California and went north through a stretch of the park, connecting with Highway 78 and following it over the pass and down the Carlsbad on the coast. (This is a much more interesting trip than the freeway and, considering the traffic, about as fast.)

But back to the photos, sometimes the most interesting things are right at our feet and this was no exception. Not that there weren't plants of interest; there were. And we had fun looking for some petrified wood, finding a few smaller pieces. We'll get to the plants. But for now, the hard pan beneath our feet. That's all for tonight.


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