Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lithops, Lithops, Lithops...

Now we couldn't come back from our trip without more Lithops in hand...some old faithful favorites and some new additions to the group. I never get tired of these little jewels.
This has been a bit of a rough week. First our water heater sprung a leak in our basement and had to be replaced. Not just a mess but a lot of money out the window. Then, yesterday, our DSL line to the computer refused to work and we couldn't get on the internet. Now that's a crisis. But we finally got it rectified and we're back at you.


  1. me alegro que estés de vuelta y que cantidad de lithops, muy bellos si parecen que sembraron pequeñas piedras, felicidades Marisol.

  2. Hi Luther, I’ve just received some new Lithops sent in the mail, and I’ve repotted them in pumice and cacti/succulent mix. They were sent bare rooted, and the roots look a little dry (as I would expect), but overall the plants look healthy. I would like to find out if it is wise or ok to give them some water or spray them now, if so, how much and how often? It is the start of the second month of Winter here in Sydney now, although we got one or two sunny days per week last week, and the potting mix can look quite dry. There is actually a lot of mixed info online and offline about how to water Lithops, but I've not find the right answer and I've read enough. My knowledge says I should not water them, but my common sense is screaming out I should. Can you please advise Luther? Thanks! :-)

    1. Hi,
      In this case I usually recommend that you go with your mind. Check out my article here:
      However, I hesitate to give absolutes regarding plant care in an area of the world so different than here. There's also a photo essay about the winter growth season:

      Good luck with your plants.

    2. Very wise words Luther. Thank you. I have been given advise by two other experienced Lithops growers/bloggers, whom both advised to just let them be for now. I have posted photos of the new Lithops on my blog if you would like to view them. Thank you also for the links Luther. Greatly appreciated! :-)