Sunday, August 22, 2010

Echeveria 'Tippy'

This is a deservedly popular echeveria. And as a result of that popularity, our nursery has been out of stock for quite a while. But we're back. The first picture was take three years ago, but the second one was taken  this past week.

As those who follow this blog know, the Oregon Cactus & Succulent Society will be meeting at our nursery today (Sunday) at 3:00 pm. It will be a potluck picnic - if the weather doesn't get nasty. The forecast is "iffy", and if it's necessary we'll move the festivities inside.

But we Oregonians are a hardy bunch, and I expect we'll be able to stay outdoors...I hope.


  1. I vote for the second picture - that's beautiful!

  2. Yes, I like the more recent picture also. Thanks for the vote!

  3. Thank you! I had been wondering what the name of Echeveria "Tippy" were for so long! I love them! Are they same as the one's you see in CA?