Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Tale of the Attack Cat

When we were driving Ladybug to the post office to deliver a succulent plant package an incident occurred which I just have to share. We had our two dogs with us, a friend from Phoenix, Lynn-Marie & I. We were about two-thirds of the way, driving along the sidewalk when we passed a property with a cat. Happens all the time; no event here. Except that this time the cat attacked us. I mean really attacked! It came at us, especially at the dogs, full force.

I always carry a long walking stick with me just for such occasions, only it's usually an attacking dog. I swung the stick, but to no avail. It was in full attack mode and it kept on coming.

Immediately we were greeted with the sounds and lights of a police car coming up behind us on the street. Now I don't know about you, but in such a circumstance my mind immediately thinks "Now what did I do???" But the officer rolled down his car window and asked "Did that help?" And sure enough, the cat was gone, and Ladybug and the dogs - to say nothing of ourselves - were no worse off for the noise. And after thanking the fine officer of the Portland Police, we went on our way. Rescued again!

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