Friday, August 27, 2010

Echeveria globulosa

This species hasn't made it to the "big box" stores yet, which is probably a good thing. From Oaxaca in Mexico, it's a small, compact, light blue plant, growing to about 5 cm in diameter at maturity - a little larger in cultivation.
On Friday it's off to the Oregon State Fair with our son and granddaughter for the horse show, farm animals, a huge animatronic dinosaur exhibit and all the unhealthful food!! It should be fun.


  1. Hello.
    This succulent is wonderful, and becomes a beautiful plant, the grows.
    I have one that still small, Wed won a seedling, a friend, but has grown twice since he came to the garden.
    congratulations on your beautiful echeveria.


  2. Hi Rosan,

    Yes, these are very nice little Echeverias. We like them a lot. Hope everything is going well with you.


  3. Have you seen it bloom? I had a plant like this labeled E.globulosa that turned out to be E.'Vincent Catto'.

  4. If I understand correctly, Echeveria 'Vincent Catto' is a cultivar of E. minima. This plant is clearly different than minima. Also, there appears to be some confusion, even among the experts, as regards to which plants represent the type, confusion which will continue until the plant is re-discovered in the wild. In the meantime, this plant meets the criterion of E. globulosa as originally described and comes from a very reputable source.