Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mammillaria blossfeldiana

From my photo archives there's this photo of the flower and seed pods of Mammillaria blossfeldiana. This little beauty (flowers are about 1.2 cm. across) grows in the lower elevations of central Baja California, Mexico. It likes very good drainage and moderate winters. Somewhat homely the rest of the year, but - wow - when they flower...

Like many of the Mams, this little cactus goes under lots of other monikers, such as:
Mammillaria shurliana, Mammillaria goodridgii, Mammillaria goodrichii var. rectispina, Mammillaria rectispina, Bartschella blossfeldiana, Neomammillaria blossfeldiana, Ebnerella blossfeldiana, Chilita blossfeldiana, Mammillaria blossfeldiana var. shurliana, and Mammillaria goodridgii var. blossfeldiana.  I just read all those out loud and my tongue is all tied in knots, so I may as well hit the sack and get some sleep!

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