Thursday, December 10, 2009

Aloe krapohliana var. dumoulinii

It may be cold outside, but some things are still blooming in the greenhouses. One of these items is Aloe krapohliana var. dumoulinii. This is supposed to be one of the more difficult aloes to raise, but we've had a few of them for several years now and they're doing fine. Easy does it on the water; that's the main rule. This variety tends to clump more readily than the type and like the type, the flowers are large for the size of the plant and are quite spectacular.

Our cold snap should go away over the weekend - back into the 40s by Sunday. And now the great plains, southern states and the eastern seaboard will be getting the cold along with a good dose of snow. And I don't want to over do it about the cold. We get it pretty easy here. I'm aware that others may have it much worse than we do here and empathize with those who are really hurting due to the weather, rather than just complaining about it. Many will have their lives turned upside down, not only in this country, but in Sao Paulo (flooding) and elsewhere. We encourage you to donate to an organization which provides assistance in such situations.

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