Friday, December 11, 2009

Ladybug the Infamous Mini Horse

Some of you have met Ladybug. Some of you know her by reputation. Some only by the picture at the top of the blog. Our other horse, Jardinera, hasn't quite gotten the picture that in Oregon - unlike Florida where she came from - you need to grow a winter coat. Ladybug, on the other hand, must have the Winter coat genes in spades. By the time our recent cold arrived, it would appear that she had almost doubled in size. But it's all hair. This is her two days ago from the window in our den. I wish I could take the cold as well as she does!

It may be cold out, but she still gets her morning "kiss" from Osita and a hug from me no matter how cold it gets. So here's to Ladybug. Cheers! (Oh, and the photo is by Lynn-Marie.)

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