Monday, August 26, 2013

Ornithogalum caudatum - "Pregnant Onion"

This is one of those plants which has just been in every collection since the dawn of succulent plant collections. And there's no reason for it not to be in our collections today as well. It's easy to grow and multiplies with ease (each little bulbil which develops under the "skin" eventually becomes a new plant). We first grew this under this name and it's hard for some of us to change. Other names you'll see is Ornithogalum longibracteatum and Albuca bracteata.


  1. Mine is turning yellowish and getting a little mushy.. Can you help me save it?

    1. If it's getting mushy, it's probably getting watered too much, but it's hard to diagnose from a distance. During the winter ours seldom get any water and they tend to shrivel up during that time and it also won't feel firm. Under these conditions the leaves will yellow and dry back from the tips. The basic requirements are a good draining planting medium, water when dry, less during the winter. Be sure to plant a few babies so you have more coming on if nothing works.