Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ariocarpus retusus var. furfuraceous

The variety designation probably isn't valid, but this is grown from seed so designated. Ariocarpus furfuraceous (Watson) H.C. Thompson, was properly published, but this is now generally subsumed into Ariocarpus retusus, as for example by Hunt in 2006. Regardless, they need excellent drainage and a dry, cool rest period.


  1. Quando vocĂȘ fala que o cactus precisa de seco , tem que deixar o substrato secar completamente?

    tenha um bom fim de semana.

  2. Hi Simone,
    There may be a translation problem here. I am not saying that "the cactus needs cleaning". That said, yes, the potting mix needs to dry out completely between watering and, during the colder winter months, it needs to be completely dry. If given too much water at the wrong time, plants of the Ariocarpus genus will rot easily and they will not flower as readily.
    Good questions.