Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winter in the Greenhouse

The days are getting shorter and shorter and on an overcast, rainy day we sometimes worry about the plants getting enough light. The the plants do better than we do sometimes. We've had a really heavy bout of rain in the last week, but it finally let up today. That's good, 'cause I'm getting tired of slopping through the muddy puddles to walk the dogs and care for Ladybug, let alone prepare plants for shipping. I'm native to this area, but I admit that there are time that I can hardly wait for Spring.
But, no, that yearning will have to wait 'till January. I really enjoy the Christmas season too much. But after that, the sooner Spring comes the better!!!


  1. Que hermoso invernadero me gustaría tener uno así, espero algún día lograrlo, pues mi colección poco a poco va creciendo y hoy compre 9 cactus mas.
    Espero que estés muy bien, tu con lluvia y nosotros con sequía. Un abrazo.

  2. Hi Marisol. Be careful what you wish for... Our greenhouses are never big enough to contain all the plants and it's a lot of work. We began with a single seed packet and it's grown to thousands of plants. We grew them on windowsills, then a small greenhouse I built myself, then a couple hobby greenhouses and the a commercial greenhouse...and another. I don't know if it will ever end. But then, I'd have a hard time giving it up. Best wishes to you and yours. Luther