Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mammillaria hahniana 'Superba'

Lynn-Marie just potted up a few trays of one of our favorite cacti: Mammillaria hahniana 'Superba'. It has a lot of pluses going for it; it's easy to grow, not prone to rot, and eventually makes a magnificent show plant, with clumps of plump, white-haired beauties.
The picture below is the normal form, showing the flowers, but also the relatively small amount of white "hair". Still an interesting and beautiful cactus, but it doesn't have the "wow" factor of 'Superba'.


  1. Hola Lutero están bellisimas estas mammillarias y la hahniana 'Superba' me gusto mucho, solo que tengo un problema que con tanta variedad me confundo.
    Te deseo una buena semana, un abrazo.

  2. Hi Marisol, I know it can be confusing, but it's nature that provides the confusion as sometimes the variation of form and spination in what is obviously the same plant genetically can be quite extensive.These plants are an obvious example. I hope you're enjoying the beauty that Spring brings with it. Have enjoyed your photo postings. Peace.