Saturday, November 19, 2011

Orostachys japonica

This has been one hectic day. Earlier today I discovered that our nursery website wasn't working properly. But after a few calls to the server's tech staff, I finally got it all sorted out. I hope. I have no specific training in this sort of thing (my training is in philosophical theology, existentialism...even logical empiricism ... but nothing about html, web site design, etc., anywhere to be found!) So I sort of stumble my way through it.
 With that said, here's a cute little plant. And "little" is an apt description. It's Orostachys japonica ex Tsushima. In this case the plant is infinitesimally smaller than the flower. This is a 2.75 inch pot filled with young seedlings. And one is flowering. And like sempervivums, the plant will die after the flower is finished. I guess it wears itself out!