Thursday, January 27, 2011

Art by Lynn-Marie Kara

I'm afraid I haven't had enough time to go out to the greenhouses to take some photos, so I'll share a work of art by Lynn-Marie (my wife, partner and love for the past 41 years). I'm very proud of the work she does; and though her works aren't known by very many, they should be. This Epicactus painting is one she did a couple of years ago. Enjoy.
I'll be posting a few other of her cactus and succulent art as time goes along.


  1. Hi Luther,
    First I wish many more beautiful years for you and your wife together. And this beauty is amazing, super ability, congrats her!!

  2. 41 years! Congrats. The art is beautiful. Look forward to seeing more.

  3. Thanks. Lynn-Marie appreciates your comments. And, you know, when it's been this many years, we begin to forget how many years it's been. They kind of run together. I re-figured. It's been 43 years.