Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cremnosedum 'Crocodile'

Welcome to another year of succulent plants and comments .... and pray that the "succulent" comments aren't just filled with hot air! Your patience with me as I put together this photo blog. We'll try to keep it interesting.

It's been a while since I posted about this plant: X Cremnosedum 'Crocodile'. I did get out into the greenhouses today and took a few photos. This is another plant which puts out great color this time of the year.
Another year off into our memory, another year older - 71 now. Actually I don't feel a day older, but - hey - it's just marks on a calendar.
Enjoy your plants.


  1. This is a really nice plant with excellent coloring. It would be nice as a speciman plant in a pot here next to the green plants. Thanks for sharing. Secondly, time flies! As a teenager, you think that time could go faster and then it thing you know, you're still a kid trapped in an older body. However, the mirror tells a different story. But of this I have to say, I love getting older because life is experience and I never would want to go back in time except maybe to say good bye properly to the family and friends that have passed away. Happy New Year! may it be full of wonderful surprises!

  2. The leaves look almost edible! I think I'll have to add that one to my wish list.

    All the best for 2011 to you Luther!

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