Sunday, May 9, 2010

Aloe 'White Stag'

We're a small nursery and thus we get these statistical "flurries". Not a very scientific term but then statistics was never my cup of tea. What I mean is we could go a year without anyone wanting Agaves (a bit of an exaggeration) and then, all of a sudden, that's all anyone wants! Then, of course, when you run out of a particular plant, people wonder why you didn't stock more!

The solution is that we grow the plants we like. That way, if nobody wants some particular plants we grow, we can at least enjoy them ourselves. We would like others to like what we like, of course, but we have no problem being the odd one out.

This plant, Aloe 'White Stag', is a cultivar we've liked but wasn't drawing a crowd...for us at least. But now it's hard to keep them in stock.  Oh well!
 Enjoy your plants...
even if nobody else has a clue about why you enjoy them!

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