Monday, May 3, 2010

Succulent Travels 2010 - part 5

A couple of quick photos from C&J: the first of the hillside with the rows of cold-frames.
The second a close-up of what I call the "wall of cactus" - - hey, another possible jigsaw puzzle.
Just a note to say I might not get around to posting anything tomorrow, as it's our anniversary - our 41st - not that we're doing much. We may go out for a Chinese dinner - and try no to do any nursery business. We were going to go to the coast for a couple of nights, but the beach motel we go to didn't have two nights in a row available.

On Friday, we'll be hanging a few of Lynn-Marie's art works in the Starbucks in St. Johns, a nearby North Portland neighborhood where I grew up (not in the Starbucks, but in St. Johns. I think I pre-date Starbucks by a few years.)
Enjoy your plants!

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