Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Succulent Travels 2010

OK. I've gotten some sleep. Not enough, but one full night. As I can, I'll post a few photos from the trip - as well a few of flowers making a show now.
 This is the back of our van about half way through the trip. We added more later! I didn't always remember to take pictures, so things will be a little sketchy. The first place we stopped in Tucson, Arizona was Bach's on the north side of Tucson. They have a very nice retail house and a vast area of wholesale plants. Dan Bach received a significant award at this past year's CSSA Convention for the contributions he has made to the hobby.

One of the plants he produces in the wholesale department is the Totem Pole Cactus (Lophocereus schottii 'monstrose'). Quite a sight.
More later. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Luther!
    You have arrived! ... Will hear from me soon!
    A rest now ... lucky!

  2. Oh don't I wish! "Rest" isn't in our vocabulary! Now we have to unpack and re-pot everything, plus deal with all the orders which have been backing up... Maybe a trip to the coast would be good... :)
    Good to hear from you.