Saturday, April 3, 2010

Greenhouse Tour V

Just another area of the main greenhouse.  Don't get too bored. I won't be posting much over the Easter weekend.
Went to the endodontist today (specialist for dental root canal surgery) and determined that the tooth which has been giving my a headache won't be a good candidate for root canal so it'll probably end up being pulled. And that's probably more than you ever wanted to know :] (It's more than I wanted to know!)


  1. You have a beautiful greenhouse ,and many plants
    i like all , and if you like swap please tell me.
    I hope you are well now
    Have a nice day

  2. Hi Ashraf. Thanks. We try, but - to us - it always looks not quite finished. Unfortunately, we have a long-standing policy of not swapping plants.

    I'm well, and getting better day by day! Thanks for asking.

    Enjoy your plants!